How it all began!

Peru spirits, Manchu Picchu I had been hearing about the orb phenomena for some time, they said it was due to digital technology that made it possible to photograph them. I had been seeing orbs for years and other things that go bump in the night. I just thought I was on the edge of hallucination. I remember as early as 1980 seeing orbs or what I call silver tinker balls whiz by me. They were especially active when visiting the ancient Mayan site “Tikal” in Guatemala. I have many photos from that trip with images of strange lights, just thought they were bad photos. I remember a time in Manchu Picchu Peru when the silver balls whizzed around me and I begin to hear singing. I remember curling up to the sound and was out like a light for several hours, in the middle of the park. Funny no one tried to wake me, and the place was packed. That was one of those anomalies that seem to happen around me.

Build it and they will come. (Working in studio - notice blue orb)

Photos of spirit world, orb photography, Photographs of unseen realms Art has been an inspiring force in my life, it my time with the Divine, I would lose myself only to discover more of me. Louie and I had built an art studio a few years earlier but his wood working projects seemed to interfere with my sinuses and schedule, so I craved my very own space. At the end of 2007 it was time to make it happen, and so it is. My energetic alignment was with the feeling of how it would feel to create, not what I would created. I didn’t know what type of art I would create but had thoughts that it would be along the line of found art sculptures, mosaics, or stained glass maybe. “Build it and they will come” that was my creed, blinding me from the probability of failure, and that intention was what manifested the studio.

All dressed up but no place to go.

Nature Spirits, Devas, Plant spirits, light spirits, Crystal Devas Making it happen was an amazingly fast process, and by the end of January 2008 I was set up and ready to create. Well I started a few projects but just didn’t seem to connect or finish them. It was a puzzling situation because I knew without a shadow of a doubt that my intent to fulfill my Spiritual purpose was what fueled my desire to create the studio. The ease of synchronicity is a gauge confirming I am on the right path. So there was no doubt that I was suppose to be here. I was in the hurry up and wait mode, chomping at the bit, waiting for the next Soul directive. Fortunately I recognized the signs and intuitively knew to sit tight and wait till the energy cycle would open and all things would fall into place like it always does when it is in Divine timing. Waiting is the hardest place of all, and where most fall off the path or blaze down a side trail, often getting lost or abandon the mission. It was a familiar energy so I just kept on running in place, one thing I do know it is easier to move forward from an upward position than it is from a sitting one.

The orb buzzzzzzz

energy anomalies, plasma, Ectoplasm, orgone energy, plasma balls, rods, serpent rods As I was saying it seemed every other e-mail of late was something about orbs. It was a fluke that I borrowed a friend’s digital camera to check it out and take some orb pictures myself. I took some night shots around the yard. Snapping a picture when ever I perceive subtle energy shifts, it might be a change in temperature, a slight breeze or other movement; I might notice a darting energy, a sparkle of light, hear a chord of music, buzzing sounds, or tones which are all signs to alert me of energetic activity, so I aim my camera in that direction. Not thinking anything would come of it; but downloading those first images I was awestruck.

Things that go bump in the night!

Elves, Gremlins, Gnomes, Goblins, giants, Ghosts, fairy's There were orbs, but what the lights were doing was amazing. The things out of the corner of my eye where caught on tape. “Wow, can you believe that, how can that be?” That was all I said for days. I showed them to everyone that came by, asking them “what do you think that is”? Or “have you ever seen anything like it”? I am clairvoyant so seeing stuff was normal, but when others can see the same things, now that was really something. They were just as amazed as I was. I then began taking pictures every night, which felt like I was a kid given a box of cracker jacks, pouring out the contents to quickly get to the prize, Oh I was on some cracker jack high, snap a few photos and rush to download them so I could see what the prize was. There were nature spirits in the trees, all around the yard and amazingly others could see them too, it was so exhilarating, it felt like I was being validated for the first time in my life. I was hooked line and sinker, and immediately bought my own camera.

Who would have thought?

It might have been about a month later when it dawned on me that taking photos was part of my Spirit purpose. My love for photography began while attending the University of Texas. Taking photo journalist classes taught me the technical skills of photography. But it was art photography that I began to develop my eye for capturing an image. I was blessed to have gotten enrolled in several classes by the legendary Gerry Winograd, who was so instrumental in helping me to really feel and see the unusual in the ordinary world that most overlook, and to capture the emotional essence of life through the camera lens, and most important to always carry my camera. Winograd’s influence went beyond photography, it has influenced the color of my perspective of life inspiring and fueling my passion to show the known in an unknown way. At the time I was too intimidated by the enormous talent of fellow students who since have gone on to do some fantastic work, I never pursued it to be more than a hobby until now. It has taken me 30 years to finally feel fulfilled as a photographer, like I say better late than never and everything is done in due time.

Who let the dragon in?

I was cautious about this adventure and for some reason, and wanted feedback to reassure me that this wasn’t a figment of my imagination. So I decided to send out an e-mail with a few of the pictures attached. I was pondering over this while looking at a really trippy photo of a cat like dragon, when a dialog began in my head. I began writing the e-mail and it began writing itself and this is how it went:

(subject line)

Dragon's, Draco, Nagual, Phoenix, Serpent Well as per usual, I seem to attract quite a few characters, to say the least. As a friend said to me the other day "Well, why wouldn't you, you're quite a character yourself." I laughed so hard on that gleaming of truth! So I have been busy in my garden. No 20 foot cucumbers, yet.
But I do have an unusual array of Beings. So as a select group of my wonderful friends I would like to introduce a few to you. But more important I want your take on this, because this just might be my ticket to the next chapter of me. I am getting old enough to decide what I want to be when I grow up.

Drum roll..........
Herrrrrrr-es Drazzo the magnificent!

Now let me tell you something about Drazzo.....
He's a jazzy dragon, with swinging licks
He can set you on fire with his smooth smoking wail.
But most of all he likes his jazzy beat
--- Of fusion chords and minor scales with a little rhythm.

As he struts and primps, peering through the mirror of my mind.
Showing his shinny side,
With a big hearty grin.
Like he knows something I don’t.

He's been here before, and again,
He likes to do loop de loops around and around, By passing the dark side the moon, passing the other side of mercury, beyond the outer banks of Jupiter, and circling back around the rings of Saturn.
Waiting for this time, for us to be together again.

“No hurry, he said, our reservations are good till the end of time.”

His voice in my head was so silky smooth and soothing;

He said “I have waited a-lone time for remembrance of my kind”
“You know what that means…..? He asked”

“Is this a pop quiz”, I thought?
Dumbfounded I replied with an “Um”.,

“Hurrump”, he says… “Do you need a hint”?

“Well yes I do quite frankly” I answered!

He was chuckling with great mirth at my puzzlement.
“I’ll let you in easy this time”…

his hot breath and deep bass voice was charming me like a snake.
He was over powering my little hold on reality.
As he scratched his soul patch, he purred “
You are named for it. “

Puffing his chest out in such a dignified manor, his moves mesmerized me.
“Well girl, what is it”? “It’s easy, you know it”. “You know…”
“Now it is…now is good for an answer”, his impatience startling.

Feeling a little chastised, but his demeanor gave him away.
“Well their was Debora…,”
Cutting me off in midstream like he knew where I was going with that.
Well of course, he is peering through the mirrors of my mind.

“No, no, no, come on again” he said. …

“Um, queen bee” was my next reply?

“Getting warm,…

The significance of that is? Is? Is?”

he asked in that purring manner he has about him.
“Um, well there’s honey, Meade, celebration” My voice squeaked like I was a little girl and called upon to give the answer to the class. Suddenly confused I wasn’t sure what the question was. It was like he knew what I was thinking again, because he said.

“PARTIE, parte, de parti boons, de-part,”

saying it with such jubilation, He was down right infectious to say the least!

“A Party”,

I whispered to myself. Not knowing exactly what he meant by all that, but I assumed he was a party animal, asking myself “what would that would be like?” immediately an image came to mind of a lot of strange characters party crashing. That image alone was enough to ask myself the question
“Am I ready to entertain them?”

The answer that came to mind was “I am just getting my mind wrapped around the photos and what all that is about.

Dragon Realms, Dragon Photos
Stuck on the thought, “what kind of party would it be?”

I assumed that they would be party animals, envisioning the dragon doing party tricks and lighting the house on fire.

Oh my, oh my, what a thought that is.

All my life I’ve had this strange sense that I needed to be extra cautious around fire and sharp objects because they have away of getting out of control around me. So to think of the Dragon doing fire breathing party tricks was a little too real and frightening for me.

“I don’t think I am ready for a party” I said out loud,
noticing the dogs giving me a strange look, I then realized the dragon had left.

“What was that?”
I asked myself as I read over the e-mail I had written.

It was funny if nothing else, so I finished the e-mail and sent it off with the pictures, with these parting words.

I know I will be going on and on about Drazzo, my old friend, not herd with, from eons.
(At the time I thought this is a weird way of saying things, but I now understand what it means.)

So with no more said, do open up the attachments….
Thanks for looking,

De light full Deborah!

Opening the portal!

paranormal photography, metaphysical photos, angel photography, spirit photography, Photographs of Deva Spirits “Funny thing that dragon” is all I could say. I didn’t believe it was real just something I made up in my mind. Though I couldn’t deny the weird way I wrote things or my spelling either. Like I said it just wrote itself. That party image stayed with me for days and I would cringe every time I thought about it.

A few nights later and quite late at that, but I was determined not to go to bed until I saw what the prize was in my box of “Cracker Jack’s”. Sitting there going through that night’s photos; I was still new to the software program that I was using, and would wonder what that tool could do. Well that night I stumbled upon a tool to mirror the image, I was really sleepy but like a child wanting to stay awake to see Santa arrive, I checked the tool out for grins. Not remembering the steps that landed me at that place, or what possessed my to do the technique instead of going to bed, because I was about to fall asleep. It felt like I had taken a slight doze because I remember jerking like when you fall asleep in class. Looking at the screen I was suddenly wide awake.

Oh my! Oh My!
This can’t be!
I said over and over to myself.

Divine timing, and all that.

Hearing his words again in my head
“PARTIE, parte, de parti boons, de-part,” when the realization sudden struck me; he was saying put the parts together!

“No this is just a fluke” I told myself. I was totally alert and strangely energized like I had just woken up from a long nap. I couldn’t believe my eyes!
“How perfect is that” I said to myself?

It was utterly amazing how the photo had transformed by putting the two parts together. I tried another. I did, and that one was just as perfect as the last one, so I kept on till the phone rang.

Hanging up I noticed it was noon and I hadn’t gone to bed at all but wasn’t tired either. The phone call was a friend wanting to drop by for a visit. I was delighted to be able to show my mind blowing discovery right away.

From that time of the wee hours of the morning till noon I had gone back and done the process to many of the photos. I knew it wasn’t a fluke but now I had this other conundrum on my hands.
“What do you think this means” I asked?

Her answer was, “This is your work, you know.”

I did know and that is what was so amazing. Now I knew why I had such an inclination and drive to take all of those photography classes and Once again I saw the perfection of my life and how my path has led me to this place. It had been a winding path up that mountain, but I have made it to the crest and the view was spectacular and the journey worth while.

Through the looking glass.

photos of fairy beings, Fairy Kingdom, Fairy Princess, magical realms, 
Tuatha De Danann I had stumbled upon what I call photographic alchemy, by doing the mirroring technique which is putting two halves together making symmetry or wholeness, nothing else is added.

Historically, mirrors have a reputation as portals to other dimensions or worlds.

Through this process I gained the key to open the portals,
and there where a lot of them around me.

What the photos were revealing was what was standing in that portal.

I remember as a child spending hours placing the medicine cabinet mirror in an angle to the bathroom mirror so that I could peer down the hall of mirrors. Always wondering what it was like down that hall.

What I realized is that I have always traveled into these other dimensions but felt like I was standing behind the door never fully there just observing.
Well things have changed let me tell you!

I have been granted a backstage pass.

Haven’t we met before?

magical worlds, mystical worlds, subtle realms, spiritual realms, Deva Photos, Pan I began noticing during those first few months that the same Being would appear on a different night and in a different place. It had taken me awhile to realize that some of these beings have been with me for a long time. Looking back at some of my old art work I noticed those Beings where there then and I suspect that we have know each other from other lives and dimensions too.

My path has been to work with Nature Spirits probably my whole life but in earnest since writing my first book. “Vibrational healing” – “Revealing the Essence of Nature through Use of Essential Oils” which was a co-creative collaboration with the Nature Spirits and plant Devas of the Plant Kingdom.

It prepared me for this task of creating bridges between realms and kingdoms.
Funny thing was when writing that book I felt that my next book would be called “Revealing the Language of Nature”. I realize now it might be the photographs.

Who wants their picture taken?

photos of the etheric dream metaphical spiritual planes, Elf, fairy, faery, nature spirits photos, Brownies, Leprechaun’s, Pixie's, Elves, mythical realms, plant spirits, kachina's
There were so many images and such an array of different Beings as if they were lining up to have their picture taken. It seemed like I had been recruited to be the class photographer of the portal. When I made that agreement I don’t remember but I did.

Thinking that it was my job to identify and classify them I researched the net for any type of description of these beings, to see if other people where also getting images of them. I did find other examples some what like my early photos.

What language is that?

Higher frequencies, higher vibration, light codes, DNA codes, Akashic records, Music of the Spheres, crop circles, language of light Life is so full of beauty if we only look from a new perspective. Just because we don’t hear a dog whistle doesn’t make it not exist. There is so much more going on around us that we are not perceiving simply because, we are unaware of the possibility of its existence. We might have heard stories about but they have been masked as myths and fairytales. We live in a consensual reality that is defined by the collective through tangible proof according to its laws of beliefs and perceptions in order to communicate with each other.

All through history there have been events and phenomena that have been contrary to dictated consensual reality and if put to the test could implode that reality. To a certain point in the human experience it is important to have a consensual reality, in order to communicate with each other. Once consciousness heightens then communication is open to other realms like telepathy and higher mind symbolism.

Reality Shifts--- ready or not!

Music of the Spheres, crop circles, language of light, Merkaba symbol When things are too far fetched for the collective to accept as truth but undeniable to a sector of the collective than they are designated as part of the “Unseen Realm” where they can be accepted by those who so choose. The Unseen Realm is accepted on faith or personal experience and a truth for the few which allows it to co-exist and not be governed by the laws of the consensual collective. Shifts in consciousness occur as more members of the collective begin experiencing the “Unseen Realms” allowing them to become more acceptable into the consensual reality.

We are in a time of our evolution that the veils are thinning, and we are fast approaching a cross road that will shift consciousness drastically. That is what my photos are about revealing parts of the “Unseen Realms” to assist the shift. The other realms have been patiently waiting for us to wake up and come on over to play with them. They want us to see them and have recruited me to be a voice or class photographer for them.

My impression!

What the photos confirm to me is the reality of these being’s existence; what are they and where do they come from? This might not be a problem for most but other’s it might open up long forgotten memories. What I mean is that if the Beings are real would that not mean that the reality we know is just an illusion we create to distract us from our true unlimited potential.

What will it take to inspire us and begin living lives we truly want to create and enjoy living? For most it requires more than hope, a vision or glimpse into greater possibility might be of some help. That is what my photos are about; opening and entertaining the possibility that there is more than what we were told to perceive in our normal waking state.

Who changed the rules?

Aliens, UFO craft, Pleiades, Orion, Lyrian’s, Star Visitors, ET photos, paranormal photos I’ve had so many realizations and Aha’s since the photos started. My life has changed as with my beliefs and understandings. My whole perception of reality has been shattered on many levels. I think the most prominent shift has been that the laws for what we call our waking physical reality are not as we were taught. I say that is because so many things have occurred defying these laws.

Here are some examples; Things around my house moving in and out of dimensions. I might sit something down in front of me but gone when I reached for it. At first this was a very frustrating experience because of the time spent looking for it and not finding it, and then I would find it just where I left it. Of course I had looked in that place a dozen or more times. I now recognize that this happens when I slip out of one dimension into another.

ET’S, Andromeda, Star gates, Star Visitors, Light Beings, Orbs, plasma energy This slipping is into a horizontal dimension or parallel that is close to this one but a little different due to the unfulfilled desires or aspirations that created it.
I have had others witness my time slipping. For example; a friend drove up and witnessed me walking next door, when he enter the house he was surprise I was there. I had gone next door but that was earlier. That is what I call a time slip.

Then there is the fact of things manifesting in physical reality, right into my hand. Actually I have reached down and they were right in front of me. I wasn't think that I didn't have that thing but acted as if!

Manifesting things has gotten both easier and harder in the same sense, making it imperative for me to be more vigilant and responsible of my thoughts, actions and deeds because it comes so quick.

I am learning to weave my life to being fuller and filled with deeper and more vibrant colors than before I begin taking the photos. What I have discovered is that all we have to do is pay attention or suspend or expectations of how things should be, and all will be revealed and answered.

Learning to live fully in the moment there are truly no limitations other than what we make for ourselves.

See if for yourself!

So here we are now a year later and 3 shows under my belt I am designing a web page to show who ever is interested. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

What I have discovered and have been repeatedly told is that the photos have energy to them. They are beautifully bizarre and often the first impression is that they are paintings or drawings. I understand how hard it might be to wrap your mind around the thought that these are photographs.

I don’t add any thing but the photo itself, and maybe boost the color or contrast that’s all.

The photographs capture images of all types of mythical characters, creatures and other worldly phenomena that we have all heard stories about or visited in our dreams. Opening the portal we see into multidimensional realms that can be beautiful, whimsical, fascinating and frightening depending on how you look at it. Entertain the possibility of all!

Real photos of etheric dragons, mulidimensional photographs looking through the portals