Blue Turtle Moon Studios

found art sculptures
The Creative Partnership of:
Deborah Eidson & Louie Bogle
This series of art sculptures all are created with found objects.

Deborah acquires the objects and conceptualizes the design.

Louie fine tunes the design and is the driving force to actualize it.

The "Kiss" --- Found art sculpture

Illuminating The Beauty In The Obsolete

Collection Statement

Art is a metaphor for my life.
Once something has been broken it’s usually discarded and forgotten.

Much like the fragmented aspects of self, repressed and denied to become our shadow.

A dark obscure reflection often ignored or disregarded to have value.

Not realizing its contributions in causing the repetitive patterns shaping our lives.

In the adventure of finding art objects I collected the fragments of myself.

As I began combining obscure pieces a new pattern began to emerge. I discovered that I could change the pattern by how I combined the parts.
The pieces unified into a new design.

What was once obsolete now illuminates with beauty.

Finding My Way To Found Art

Magic Angel Cat

Maybe it the alchemist in me, maybe it’s just non-acceptance of that is the way it is, or maybe I’m just not satisfied with the small box of crayons. Because I am an adventurer at heart, I’ve spent my life seeking enlightenment. I’ve delved into the mysteries of life, establishing a relationship with Spirit expanded my consciousness, heightened my intuitive, clairvoyant and sensory abilities.

"Ra-Ra Cat Magic"-- found art sculpture
I illuminate the path for others to find their truth, as a metaphysical teacher and spiritual mentor. On the quest I would glimpse enlightenment while immersed in the creative flow of artistic pursuit.

I have spent my life searching for me. In the beginning I entertained what other’s thought of me but someplace deep inside I knew their was more. In the middle I realize the extent of fragments that claimed to be me. Since then I have been working on reweaving them back into a whole. The theme of my fragments wove an endlessly repetitive pattern because they still danced to the beat of what was known. Learning to listen within I begin to hear a rhythm that followed the beat of my own drum and soul’s wisdom.

Creating art from found and recycled objects exemplifies the possibility for creating a new design based upon unity so we can begin transforming out of polarity and separation.

Picking up the pieces....Recycling

Lumerian seed light sculpture part
Finding objects to use in my art is a delightful adventure and scavenger hunt. I love to look for treasure and find it all the time at estate sales, thrift stores, garage sales, e-bay to name a few places. Making trash to treasure is a wonderful way of recycling. I love to find old retro kitchen ware, wood carving, the much prized figurine, candle sticks, glass and ceramic pottery lamps, etc.

"Lemurian Seed" --- found art sculpture part
How to attach the items is another interesting challenge. There have been projects conceptualized but unable to attach to be durable and lasting. The idea gets scraped, and the part re-filed to be used in another sculpture. I mainly rely upon bolting, screwing, welding, soldering or custom fitting a connecting piece that will attach it together. Glue is used only for attaching non-structural parts.

Trash Becomes Treasure
"Lemurian Seed"---found art sculpture
Lemuria the land of Mu
I might start with an individual item with its own special story. The item might stimulate a feeling or mood that I would like to convey. Other times I might be meditating on a thought and pieces begins to fit together. When it is going good I feel this inner peace and it flows together.

Creating art I transcend ordinary reality, I am in the moment, and shedding the monkey mind. I enter a heighten state of perception for sensing the energy of a piece, in the flow I feel the energy resonate when a piece is harmonious and new design emerges. When it’s not clicking I become very indecisive, metal noisily crashes, falling on my feet.

I have played with many different mediums but it is “found art object assemblages” that opens the doors to the deep recesses of my mind, making a heart connection a vehicle of soul expression. Intuition leads me to choosing an object, how it combines it with others weaves an energetic pattern. Each piece is deliberately and consciously placed together. The combinations often have symbolic meanings and provoke great healing and understanding to me that is beyond what is known to most. Some pieces activate potential possibilities to explore in life; some provide clarity of direction, others help me to overcome obstacles, while others embody attributes that I consciously want to actualize.

My story of creation….

fairy rock art

Each one of my found art sculptures has a story.
This is my telling of their tale of creation.
I wrote these stories sharing my personal journey and magic found on the trail,
what that piece of art: awakened, inspired, healed, or revealed.

Blessings of Love, Beauty, and Art
De Light Full Deborah
Fairy Rock --- rock sculpture